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We develop individual and specialized web apps, portals and intranet applications for customers or business partners. If required, we rent and operate suitable web servers for your application.

Focus points on software development for web

Focus points

  • Analysis of the initial situation and competing offers
  • Estimation and advice on costs and effort
  • Draft, design and architecture of the platform
  • Implementation by experienced programmers
  • Handling of very large amounts of data
  • Business data evaluation
  • Testing, setup, training, documentation
  • Server support and maintenance, ongoing care

Selected references

For the reproplan group, we have taken over the software development of an online portal for processing plotting and printing orders. The customers, primarily from the construction and engineering sector, can use the print portal to process time-critical plot orders in the highest quality - with the simplest possible handling.

The application provides a number of national branches with a backend that processes all print jobs largely automatically and generates the required documents. A dedicated server guarantees maximum availability with maximum bandwidth. The application processes around 100 GB of print data per month.


  • Simple B2B platform for document upload
  • Dedicated web server with high bandwidth/availability
  • Dynamic responsive layout for multiple devices
  • Handling of industry-specific data such as projects and cost centers


ePrinting delivery note
  • Access from branches located throughout Germany
  • Automated generation of all documents, e.g. delivery notes
  • Automatic data processing, feeding of printing machines
  • Data throughput of approx. 100 GByte print data / month


Image Universe
  • End customer platform for uploading images and simple editing functions
  • Own web server with high bandwidth/availability
  • Extensive online shop with additional options and linked additional products
  • Backend for product and customer management
  • Interface for payment transactions

Social work

coordinating office for social work

Website for the coordinating office for social work. Editorial system TYPO3 for multiple users.


School museum Dresden

Official and intranet website for a museum. Editorial system for the intranet.

Gastro-Video collection

WEIGEL Filmproduktion & Genuss GmbH

Collection of videos for recipes and locations, Adapted front end on Joomla CMS.


Kunstblatt Publish

Company website for a publishing house. Editorial access via individual CMS backend.


Photography Fuessel

Company website for a photographer. Editorial access for the customer possible via individual CMS backend.

Steel construction

Schmiede und Stahlbau Gebr. Friedrich GmbH

Schmiede und Stahlbau Friedrich in Dresden, presentation of services and references.

FWU Ingenieurbüro

FWU Engineering Office

Web presence for company presentation with current projects, references, publications.

Real estate agent

BENN Immobilien Dresden

Customized database, interfaces to real estate portals, online export of images and videos.

Software certification

TRUSTBIT software certification

Web presence for company presentation with current projects, references, publications. Microsoft Expression



Web presence to present activities and competences of the Delta Communications Consulting AG.

Portal for banking


Forum and information portal (some subject to a charge), automated dispatch of articles and newsletters.


ReproProfi Service GmbH

Online printing gateway, upload area, branch access, printing backend, numerous national offices.

Mobile phone repair

BeST7 Tech

Web presence for company presentation, ordering for repair jobs. Editorial system.

Contact forum Tango

studio24 Tango

For Tango enthusiasts. Common forum functions, very easy access to all functions via Email.

Facility Management

Facility Management

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörn Krimmling, subject area construction, teaching area "Facility Management".

Tax consulting firm

MTS Dresden GmbH

Business card for company presentation, presents activities and competences.

holiday apartment Maxen

Ferienwohnung Maxen

Web presence for activities and competences, photographic impressions.

Ostsee holiday apartment

Ferienwohnungen Becker

Web presence for activities and competences, reservation and contact, calendar functions.

apartment house Anna

Ferienhaus Anna

Web presence for activities and competences, reservation and contact.

Riding stables

Reiterhof Dresden

Web presence for activities and competences, 3D panoramic views of the objects.


Horsemanship Online

Web presence for activities, online videos and courses, some with a pay wall

Foto + Grafik Jaeger

Foto + Grafik Jaeger

Web presence for activities and competences, editoral system.

Meine Herrn

Meine Herrn

Web presence for an art ensemble. Scheduling and editoral system.

School material

transparencies chemistry

Web presence for selling school material, download area, ordering.

Flying in the USA


Information gateway for hobby pilotes about the topic – Learn to fly in the USA.

dp4 Font Viewer

dp4 Font Viewer Freeware

Software dp4 Font Viewer – a Windows tool for easy viewing and management of fonts.

Software Feedbar

Feedbar Shareware

Feedbar – a web browser extension for reading RSS Feeds. Works on older Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Software DigiPlayer

DigiPlayer Freeware

DigiPlayer – fully self implemented tool for universal media playback for Windows PCs.

Insolvency + Heritages


Information gateway for Insolvencies and heritages, automatically imports data from official auctions.

AG sustainable economics

AG sustainable economics

Public forum of the national association of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) Saxony.


IBSD Meissen

Web presence for activities and competences, contact form.

Browser extensions (helper objects) for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox

In several projects for companies in Germany and the UK, we have implemented browser extensions for both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. These extensions (BHO - Browser Helper Objects) make it possible to protect the user's activities while they are browsing the Internet.


A browser extension that displays a news ticker from any RSS (news feed) source on the Internet as a ticker in the browser. The ticker can be paused with the mouse to call up more information on the corresponding headline. You can access the complete article by clicking on the text.

Payment system

As part of an online payment system, a preloader was created that informs users about the details of the payment system and then activates it. The main focus here was on the ability to run in a variety of browsers and a minimal transfer size.

With a size of less than 100 KByte, the resulting browser extension was extremely small and can be loaded in just a few seconds, even on slow connections.

Childproofing and protection

Surfing Shield Security Toolbar

For the "Surfing Shield Toolbar" project, a browser extension was developed that ensures safe browsing on the Internet, especially for use as a parental control.

A whitelist / blacklist procedure is used to block URLs with content that is unsuitable for children or sites with clearly malicious software. Users can add addresses themselves or classify other addresses as harmless. Both lists are constantly updated centrally and thus kept up to date.

All search queries are filtered centrally and unwanted results are removed. There is also a corresponding filter for removing advertising banners.

Survey toolbar

In collaboration with one of the largest market research companies in the world (according to its own information), a browser extension was developed to record all of a user's actions in the browser.

The aim was the comprehensive and anonymized recording of all activities of a user on the Internet, with regard to the perception of advertising messages and the evaluation of the relevance of advertising for the user.

This extension is installed in the area of market research with the user's consent and records all of the user's movements centrally over a certain period of time (e.g. 6 weeks). A variety of correlations can then be analyzed, e.g. which advertising messages were relevant and clicked on by the user, and which were not.

Finance controlling database after lignite remediation

All project and application data of the participating project partners are managed in this database for controlling lignite remediation. The application works as a distributed application with centralized data storage and decentralized client applications.

The software has extensive graphical and tabular evaluation options. The controller is largely supported in his work by automated controls during data entry.

The area of application was finance controlling support for projects relating to remediate lignite mines in Saxony, Thuringia and Brandenburg, operated by the company PCD - Projektierung und Controllinggesellschaft Dresden mbH, and later by the executive division of LMBV - Lausitzer und mitteldeutsche Bergbau-Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH.

Datenbank Entwicklung

Use in financial controlling: www.lmbv.de.

  • Comprehensive and automated functions to support the controllers
  • Direct creation of serial documents, e.g. official grant notifications, reports, etc.
  • Central data storage and backup
  • Collaboration with existing Office software, in this case MS Office
  • Backup of all changes and time parameters of the projects