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For more than 26 years, our team of software architects and engineers has been working on software and hardware development tasks and projects according to your requirements, wishes and specifications. We cooperate closely with SOJUS Software in Dresden (Germany).

Our developers and programmers focus on basic technologies that comply with national, European and international standards, e.g. BSI, ISO/IEC, SMPTE, EN, ECMA, JEITA.

Our expertise:

  • Generation and processing of image, video and audio data for desktop PC/workstation and embedded systems
  • Analysing, adapting, refactoring and reverse engineering of legacy code, source code forensics, clean code, documentation
  • Acceleration and optimization of existing code, reduction of resource consumption e.g. SIMD, multicore and GPU optimization

Video + Audio + Image

Video, Audio, Image decompression/compression

Cameras, Mobile Devices

Professionel Equipment

Encoding for online and offline use

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Embedded Software

Developer for embedded software

Microprocessor and Controller, Sensors

High performance CPU/GPU

Software Optimization

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Web applications

Software developer for web applications

Specialised Websites



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Good software development is independent of the chosen programming language, environment and end device.